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General Terms and Conditions for Goods of Purchase and Sales Contract for Non-Business Customers of Emily Organizer webshop (

Due date: 01.04.2021


Company name: Egyed-Vezsenyi Orsolya
Business form: Self employeed
Headquarters: Hungary, 2045.Törökbálint, Kastély utca 8/a
Official representative: Egyed-Vezsenyi Orsolya 
Registry number:  55828277
Tax number: 57223520-1-51
Customer service email address:
Non-business customer/user: any natural person or company not registered as a wholesaler company. 
Service provider & copyright: Emily Organizer


Service Provider’s product catalogue on the webpage featuring bag organizer products sold by Service Provider (for further reference webshop). With the act of placing an on-line order via the webshop, a contract of purchase takes place between the Customer (for further reference Customer) and Service Provider in accordance with the terms and conditions of present interpretative document.
Customer at the time of placing an order accepts the General Terms and Conditions for Goods Purchase and Sales Contract.
Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally alter the present General Terms and Conditions for Goods Purchase and Sales Contract, which enters into force after being published on the webpage and Customer is bound to accept its terms and conditions after placing the first purchase order that follows their publication.



Customers may start a purchasing process without registration on The Purchase Contract comes into force between Egyed-Vezsenyi Orsolya as Seller and Customer as Buyer.
The product images displayed in the webshop are created and owned by Service Provider as intellectual property. Customer agrees that the product images are to be considered as samples. Customer accepts that Service Provider takes no legal responsibility for possible differences between the image of a product and the actual product itself.


Customer may choose between the following shipping methods:


We are shipping within Hungary via the GLS/DPD courier service.

Shipping costs: GLS: 2230HUF, DPD: 1940HUF
Delivery time: 2-3 business days


We are shipping to almost everywhere in Europe (check the shipping list below*) via the MPL postal courier service (Hungarian Post). 

Shipping costs: 9.99€
Delivery time: 3-6 business days or more

Note: The preparation of your order can take up to 2-3 business days until the actual shipping. 

*European countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Iceland, Andorra, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Romania, Luxembourg


We are not shipping oversea.



Customer may choose between the following payment methods:

We are accepting VISA Card, Maestro/Master Card and American Express. Our payment provider is Barion to ensure the safest payment during transaction. After concluding the purchasing process, give your bank account number and click on “Pay”. We receive your order immediately and you receive an email of confirmation.
When using PayPal, you must create an account and register in the PayPal system in order to be able to pay just like you would with any credit card. At the same time, you click on “Pay”, we receive your order immediately, while you receive an email of confirmation.


Once the order is terminated the customer receives an automatic system order confirmation email. Once the order is prepared and sent by the Service provider, the customer receives a second confirmation email with a dedicated tracking number to its parcel. To note, after Customer receives the email of confirmation, the items, payment and delivery methods and the time of delivery cannot be changed. If one or several items of the order are not available, Service Provider contacts Customer whereupon the Customer may decide to purchase substitute products or cancel the order.


The prices displayed in the product catalogue and on the product sheet are the valid retail prices at the time of purchase.
In case Customer places an order, Emily Organizer is obliged to deliver the purchase in accordance with the terms and conditions of present contract, at the valid price at the time of ordering.
Customer’s offer of purchase may be accepted by Service Provider, ensuing the automatic system notification, in a document (email) of confirmation of purchase (for further reference confirmation). To note, after sending the confirmation of purchase, the items, payment and delivery methods and the time of delivery cannot be altered. Customer agrees to the terms and conditions above.
Customer accepts that the product prices do not include the delivery costs.
In case of discounted products, the sales offer lasts until given date or before the stock sells out.


Service Provider is liable to deliver the products ordered on approval and confirmed by Service Provider to the address in the confirmation, including the delivery method selected by Customer.
If the confirmed order fails to be delivered as previously agreed on (e.g. the product is unavailable by the time agreed on or is permanently out of stock), Service Provider is bound to notify Customer via email or phone.
Customer accepts that placing an order qualifies as a legally binding purchase offer. Customer agrees to the terms and conditions of present purchase contract and by failing to perform any promise that is part of the contract, Customer accepts to be liable for breach of contract.
The delivery costs – depending on the value of delivered goods and the destination - are displayed on the webpage. Customer agrees to the product delivery information provided by Service Provider.
Customer is bound to receive the delivery of the products confirmed and is obliged to pay the Service Provider the product price and/or the delivery costs defined in the order confirmation.
Upon receiving the order, Customer is liable to check whether the products delivered are identical with the products ordered, in terms of the quality and quantity defined by the terms and conditions of the purchase contract. Customer agrees to confirm the fact of product conformity and to perform quality and quantity revision by signing The Bill of Lading. 
Upon receiving the delivered products, Customer acknowledges that the ordered products are marked as defined by the effective Hungarian laws upon reception.
In case Customers fail to receive ordered products due to faults of their own, Customer agrees to refund Service Provider in terms of costs (delivery, packaging costs, etc.). In addition, Customer is bound to pay Service Provider the product price defined in the purchase confirmation as contractual penalty



Present contract, in case of non-business consumers, comes into effect in connection with purchases performed via the webpage.
Service Provider assigns an automatic order identification number to every valid order, defined in every email of confirmation sent to Customer. Customer agrees that only the orders identified with an order identification number are valid.
The confirmation of order occurs without delay but in maximum of 48 working hours. The purchase contract comes into effect after Service Provider confirms the order via email. In case the purchase confirmation does not occur within 48 working hours, Customer may contact the customer service via


If the product received is demonstrably damaged due to fault of Service Provider, Service Provider replaces it free of charge. Customer is liable to prove the exact time and the circumstances of damage, except if the effective laws do not define otherwise. If the product cannot be replaced the product can be returned and the purchase price is refunded without the delivery costs.
The replacement of the purchased item is possible only if Customer provides the original packaging and the attached documents of the ordered product. In case of products damaged during delivery, the written assessment of damage claims must be attached, in which the delivery service responsible for the delivery of the damaged product must acknowledge the damage caused. Customer agrees that Service Provider is not bound to manage any complaint without the written assessment of damage claims attached.
Upon receipt, Customer is bound to notify Service Provider within 14 working days after purchase of any quality complaint without delay, via email The Service Provider assesses the complaints received via e-mail within 30 working days and agrees to notify Customer via email or by phone in terms of the result of the investigation and any possible legal



Customer has the right to cancel the purchase for a period of 14 working days upon receipt, without justification as regulated by the 45/2014 (II.26.) Government decree. The intent of cancellation must be declared by Customer via e-mail
If Customer has already worn the products (except trial at home), Customer may not practice their right of cancellation, as the product is not suitable for further sale.
In case of complaints or right of cancellation, Service Provider checks the products and the packaging for possible defects in every case.
Customer is also obliged to send back products in original packaging and eventual gifts with purchase. Only complete returns can be refunded.
Upon rightfully returned purchases, Service Provider is bound to refund Customer without delay but in maximum 30 working days after cancellation and the receipt of returned products.
The refund does not include the delivery costs and the return delivery costs of the products. Customer is bound to pay the delivery and the return delivery costs of the products. If the product is used, Emily Organizer may demand the full decompensation of any damage or devaluation due to improper use.
In case of legal debate, Customer may turn to the operative Legislative Body.



Emily Organizer reserves the right to correct any obvious fault, typographical, numerical or editing error and the right to alter prices.
After confirming an order, Emily Organizer has the right to alter the purchase price of the ordered products only and solely if a new law (e.g. tax law) comes into effect in the period between the confirmation of order and the delivery date defined in the confirmation.
The products featured in the webshop are subject to availability and Customer agrees that Service Provider is not liable for incorrect price information due to any unexpected technical problems, through no fault of their own, occurring during the operation of the webpage. Emily Organizer reserves the right to terminate the distribution and sales of any product.


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